Monday, September 3, 2007

Challenge #6: "6X12"

We hope you all had a great summer and hopefully had some time to relax and get away. It seems everywhere you go right now people are getting their kids ready to go back to school. I'm not in that situation yet, so it brings back so many fun memories of when I was little...didn't you just love getting new school supplies??? It must be the scrapbooker in me (hehe!)...I can even remember one year convincing my dad to get me these fun colored pens that I just had to have! Such a busy time....

Thanks again to everyone for playing along with us this summer! Once again you have amazed us! My favorite part of the challenge is to see what everyone else has always inspires me to try a new technique, or to just sit down and work on something. So thanks again for sharing your layouts here with us! You guys rock!!

Are you up for a new challenge?

Well, we are back and ready to challenge you once again. This month we want to see what you can do scraping a 6"x12" or 12"x6" layout....You choose! Or try one of each! Tal is my motivator for trying new layout sizes, and I have to tell you I love this one! This is now another one of my favorite sizes! I love how easily it is to fill the space on a layout of this size and I'm not left struggling to fill the empty spaces. So give it a try and lets see how much you love it!!!

"Angel" By Talia Audenart

"Forever" By Kim Loewen

"Almost Time" By Talia Audenart

"Daughter of God" By Kim Loewen

Now, just to refresh your memories...

Each participant can submit up to 2 layouts per challenge. Once you've finished your layout, email us a picture to along with your first and last name so we can post it in The Goodie Gallery. We love seeing everyone's work!

The deadline for the "6x12" challenge will be Sunday, September 23th and we will announce the winner on Monday, September 24th.

Make sure you check back often to see everyone's layouts for this challenge and don't forget to come back next week when we reveal what's in this month's Goodie Box...the 'sneak peak' will be posted on Tuesday, September 11th since Tal and I will be away!

Let us know what you think and have fun with your new challenge. See ya next week!

Kim and Talia :)


Bobbi said...

Cool!I've never heard of doing a layout this size. It'll be a fun challenge!

tanya_williams said...'re back!

I've only done 6X12's for a swap with a friend that does that size, so I don't have any in my albums. This will be a fun way to motivate me to do some of my own!

Kara said...

i love these 6x12 layouts!! they are so fun and easy to create!! perfect for when you at crop too!!

Susanne said...

I had read about it once and thought, that I have to try it one day. Now your challange is one more reason to do so!

Maurita said...

I bought a couple 6x12 (or is it 12x6?) albums at Winners years ago, but have yet to fill them. Can't wait... heck my favorite pps will last twice as long too. yipeeee!! Glad you guys are back. we are gonna have so much fun!!!

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