Monday, April 30, 2007

and the winner is.....


We absolutley loved this 2 page layout that Ashley created for so many reasons. From the beautiful pictures and colors, to her heartfelt journaling, we couldn't resist!! You can see how she added a little bling here and there...and look how many photos she got on one page. Awesome!! So congratulations, Ashley!!! You are our very first Goodie Box winner! (send us your mailing address to so we can get this little box of goodies to ya!)

Kim and I also wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who participated this month....we are truly overwhelmed with the response and are so excited about all that we have in store. I am not just saying was SO HARD to pick just one winner. Each and every one of you inspired us in a different way. Seeing pages about all of you was so awesome...women should definately be celebrated. We all have so many different memories and experiances to share, and we saw those in your layouts. Make sure you all keep scrapbooking about yourself now and then...your families will cherish those layouts about you forever.

This has been an amazing month!!! It has been so great to *meet* all of you and we hope you'll all come back and play. As always, we would love to hear your feedback and any comments that you may have for us, so don't be shy! Stay tuned till next Monday when we issue our 2nd challenge....Kim has the CUTEST challenge prepared for you guys, I cannot wait to get going again!!

Happy Monday!!!


Friday, April 27, 2007

last day!!!

Today is the last day to submit a layout for the "Me, Myself and I" challenge! Email us your layout to or give us the link in the "comments" section below. The pages submitted so far are amazing, you all have inspired us. It is so awesome to see people participating and having fun with us.

So stay tuned till Monday when we announce the WINNER!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

only 5 more days... submit a page for the "me, myself and I" challenge! And if you're needing some motivation, here's a little reminder as to what YOU could win!!!

And if you're needing some MORE motivation and inspiration, check out Kim's latest "me" layout:

"Momma" by Kim Loewen
I love love love how Kim used index prints on this cute!! Notice how Kim kept the journaling simple but to the point to really focus on the pictures. To get her flower perfectly glittered, she sprayed the entire flower with spray adhesive, then she poured the glitter over top. This is definately something I want to try...thanks for the tip, Kim!! (why have I been using messy craft glue???)

Thanks again to all of you who have been a part of The Goodie Box so far. This month has been so fun (and it's gone by so fast!) and we can't wait to bring you more challenges and inspiration in the future. We're so excited and have lots in store!! So once again, if you want to submit a page for this month's challenge, just email us your name and layout to or just copy and paste a link to your layout in the comments section of any post from this month. Remember...this Friday, April the 27th is the deadline for the challenge and we'll announce our FIRST Goodie Box winner one week from today!!! Good luck!!!


Monday, April 16, 2007

more to share!

Monday morning again!!

So maybe you can see a trend...every Monday morning we update the Goodie Box. And this week I thought I'd share another "Me, myself and I" layout that I did to give you all some more ideas and hopefully get you motivated to play along (if you haven't already shared a layout!)

"Bloom" by Talia Audenart

For this page I kept things really simple but had some fun with transparencies. The little butterfly is from "My Mind's Eye" and after I attached it to the page I just folded the wings up to make it look like it's flying. And for the words "go", "bloom" and "grow" I simply stamped the letters onto a transparency using foam stamps and paint. So easy!!

I hope you are all enjoying the Goodie Box as much as Kim and I are. We are so happy with the response so far and just want to give a shout out to all those who have already entered their layouts. Maybe you've noticed that we've added the "Goodie Gallery" to the sidebar....just a place where we're posting everyone's layouts for the current challenge. We're keeping that SUPER simple as well....we'd love to share details of each person's page (ie. name, title, etc.) but it's just too time consuming for us right now....we hope this will do! We just want everyone to be inspired by eachother and feel free to comment on eachother's work in the "comments" section underneath everyone's pages. I love all of your layouts!!

Sooooo....if you haven't submitted a layout yet but are wanting to, remember you have until Friday, April 27th to submit your page. Everyone is welcome to play along! If you live outside of Canada or the US we only ask that you pay the shipping for your goodie box if you are chosen as the winner. You can leave a link to your layout in the comments section of each post OR you can email us your layout to Either way, please also give us your first and last name just so we can keep track of everyone! Have an awesome Monday and have fun with your layouts. The goodie box for this month is just too dang cute NOT to try and win it! See you next week!


Monday, April 9, 2007

sneak peek!

Good morning everyone!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend and are feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to scrap!!! How are your layouts coming along for this month's challenge? I know it can be hard to scrap about yourself but remember, you'll thank yourself one day for it! I was talking to my sis last night and she was saying how she doesn't even have any recent pictures of just herself...if you're in the same boat, then take this opportunity to do a little photoshoot of yourself. Get someone to snap a couple pics of you or just do some self-portraits (ie. hold the camera in front of you and say "cheese!"). We want to see you! Oh, and if you need some motivation....

as promised, here is sneak peek at the goodie box for the "Me, Myself and I" challenge:

(and I have to say, it's pretty darn cute!)

So, the winner for this months's challenge will receive:

*Heidi Swapp "days" journaling spots in pink and clementine
*Heidi Swapp clear stamps "precious"
*Heidi Swapp clear corner stamps "family"
*Heidi Swapp XL ghost shapes "wings"
*3 orange silk flowers
*1 jumbo hand-cut felt flower
*1 piece cute pink fabric
*assorted pink and orange ribbon
*assorted pink and orange cardstock peices
(basket not included!)

Remember, you have till Friday, April 27th to complete your layout for this challenge. We have loved seeing the layouts so far and can't wait to see what else you all come up with!! So just give us the link to your layout in the "comments" section once you're done and leave the rest to us. You guys are awesome!


Monday, April 2, 2007

challenge #1: me, myself and i!

Welcome to "The Goodie Box" and our *first ever* challenge! We are so excited about the Goodie Box blog and hope that you will ALL come and play. The concept is simple...every month we'll issue a fun scrapbooking challenge and whoever is chosen as the winner will receive a "goodie box" in the mail.

Sound good?


So without further ado, let's get right down to it. This month's challenge is:

"Me, Myself and I".

You got it, we want to see layouts made by YOU, about YOU! Anything goes with this can do a layout focusing on who you are today, or maybe you want to scrapbook that special childhood photo that you've been meaning to get to for so long. You can do a page about your wedding day, or maybe you just have a special story to tell. Like we said...anything goes, as long as it is about YOU! AND...somewhere on your page we want you to add a little bling...whether you use rhinestones, sequins or glitter, we don't care. We just want to see a little *sparkle* somewhere on your page! So let's get goin'!

Here are our layouts for this month's challenge:

"Waiting" by Kim Loewen

"Look At Me" by Talia Audenart

So all you gotta do once you've finished your layout is post a link to it in the "comments" section below along with your name. It doesn't matter "where" your layout is online--your blog or any online gallery is great, we just want to be able to see it!

Keep in mind as we are choosing a winner that this is just for FUN! We'll pick winners according to originality and creativity...whatever catches our eye and represents the current challenge well. We are open to all kinds of styles and page sizes. Traditional and digital scrapbookers are welcome, too. We just want the Goodie Box to be a place where we can share fun ideas and make new scrappin' friends.

Oh, ya....

and give away FREE STUFF!


the deadline for the "Me, Myself and I" challenge is Friday, April 27th and we will announce the winner on Monday, April 30th. One of you will be receiving a goodie box in the mail!

Stay tuned till next week when you'll get a "sneak peek" at this month's Goodie Box, and until then, have fun scrappin'. We can't wait to see your pages!!

:)Talia & Kim

(note: If you have any questions or concerns you can email us at

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone so far for checking out the blog and for even posting your layouts already. You guys ALL rock!! Kim and I love seeing the response to the Goodie Box and we can't wait to see more of your pages come in. Yay! We really couldn't do this without you!
I'm so glad to see people excited about this month's challenge...we definately forget to scrapbook about ourselves....remember, your kids will enjoy seeing pages of you, too! Someone asked if you could submit more than 1 layout/challenge and that's totally fine...if you're on a roll, then go for it! Also, if you don't have a blog or online gallery to post your page, then you can just email us your layout to don't want anyone to be left out!
We are having fun brainstorming ideas for the goodie boxes, but we also hope that sponsors will make donations for the goodie boxes, if you are interested in making a donation, once again, just email us at
Thanks, everyone!!!