Sunday, November 4, 2007

"Christmas Card Exchange!"

So we've planned something a little bit different for November....

Come join us in a "Christmas Card Exchange!"

This is how it will work:

-To play along email us with your name and mailing address to by Sunday November 11th.

-When you sign up we will email a confirmation with the address of where to send your cards.


-Each person will make 5 identical Christmas cards no bigger than 5x7 inches.

-We'll mix the cards up and you'll recieve 5 Christmas cards by 5 fellow Goodie Boxers.

-When you're done your cards email us a jpeg so we can put your card in The Goodie Gallery.

-Make sure to include your name on the back of each card.


Here's a little inspiration from us!

"happy december" Card By Talia Audenart

"Happy Holidays" Card By Kim Loewen

All month we will be sharing, so check back and play along with us! We can't wait to see the creativity...

Kim and Talia

p.s. as always send us an email if you have any questions!


Krista said...

so excited! I love making Christmas cards!!

Bobbi-Jo said...

Sounds like a fun idea! I won't be able to participate this time around, but I hope you do it again -maybe for Valentines or Easter?? Mother's Day?? Or maybe do a birthday card exchange - heck even thank you cards! Something like that.... SO fun! Hope you get a lot of support!

Krainik Family said...

What a great idea! Do we need to send envelopes too?