Sunday, February 3, 2008

Scrap Spaces

Happy Monday!

This month we thought we’d do something a little different here at the Goodie Box. We’ve had many requests to see our scrapbook rooms and since Kim and I both just moved into new scrap spaces we thought, “Why not?”

So we’ll be skipping the regular challenge for the month of February and simply sharing our scrapbook rooms with you all. We’ll give you peeks into different aspects of our rooms, organizational tips and more! We’re excited to share how we have our rooms set up and how we work…this is the first time anyone will be seeing our scrapbook spaces!

So…let’s go!

Today I am focusing on my closet storage.

I just recently moved into a new home and I was pleasantly surprised by the closet space in my new office. It’s quite deep and the shelving was already in place. I decided to utilize the entire closet space by using ALL of the wall space and shelf space that I possibly could. The result has been awesome…what I originally thought was going to be a place that I could just “stick stuff in” has become a functional and NECESSARY part of my studio and scrapbooking process.
(TIP: If your closet is without an actual door like mine was, just use a shower curtain rod and hang a simple curtain to act as your door. Simple and cheap!)

On the top shelf I have stored items such as my scrapbooking bags, clocks I want to alter and larger tools that I don’t use very often. (TIP: Use cute baskets to hide objects and things that you don’t want to be seen!)

The middle shelf holds all of my foam stamps (sorted by alphabet and type) in the wooden drawers, letter stickers and rubons in baskets, my patterned paper storage, Heidi Swapp stuff and more stickers and rubons (sorted in binders). I have also hung frequently used tools on the wall in those cute little tins!

The bottom 3 sets of wire drawers also hold frequently used items that I didn’t necessarily want on display in my scrapbook room. These drawers store all of my patterned paper and cardstock scraps (organized by color), tools, adhesives, paints, stamps, inks fabrics and more! It is amazing how easy it is to find all of my “stuff” when it is organized and accessible.

Here are some close ups:

(my patterned paper rule is, if all my pp doesn't fit in these 5 paper holders, then I have too much and it's time to get rid of some!)

(I store many of my clear acrylic stamps in these little baggies...easy to organize and easy to see!)

Now the last thing I want to share with you today is a system that has been working for me for almost 5 years now…

The Baggie System.

Basically, my rule is, “If it can fit in a baggie, it goes in a baggie!”

I personally find that product packaging just takes up way too much space and is difficult to store. With most of my embellies in clear baggies I can easily sift through and SEE what I have and what I want to use on a project. I am more bound to use what I have on hand if I can easily see it and grab it. This system has totally helped my scrapbooking process…I actually USE what I’ve bought! Imagine that! (hee hee)

What I love about the Baggie System is that it's so easy to use. I love getting all of my products sorted by color and type, and when I run out of something I can just re-use the bag again. AND, when it's time to give something away, I just toss that specific baggie in my giveaway pile...I don't have to worry about losing pieces of this and that. I encourage you all to try this as a way to store all of those embellishments that I KNOW you have! It saves space for storing your supplies and it saves time when you're scrapbooking. :)

I hope that I have given you a few ideas today in making the most of your closet space. And don’t worry…there are more ideas to come! If you have any questions you can post them in the comments section below.

And don’t think we’ve forgotten about the Goodie Gallery! We would love to see where all of you scrapbook, so please email us pictures of your space (maximum of 3 photos) and organizational tips that you may have to Whether you have your own room, your own corner, or the kitchen table, we’d love to see how all of our fellow Goodie Gals work.

Have a great week and come back on Monday to see a peek into Kim’s room!


(and P.S....sorry for the less than perfect photos, but my room is in the basement, so lighting was an issue while taking my photos!!!)


I got my clear baggies at Michael's. They come in different sizes and are pretty cheap!

All of my baskets were bought at Ikea...actually, pretty much everything in my room was bought at Ikea! Seriously, the best place for organizational stuff!


Jules said...

Less than perfect photos? Where? Your room is so tidy I love the color and the baggie system!

Bobbi-Jo said...

Those are great photos and even BETTER organization tips! Thanks!

Spencer Family said...

I love the baggie tips--for both the acrylic stamps and the embellishments. I think I am going to run to the store today and buy some. Also, cute color!

Kahle said...

I Love your wire bin storage system. Your room is so cute and functionsal!

s a n s k u :) said...

Thanks for sharing Talia! No wonder you produce such beautiful stuff... Love the baggies system! I'm still just dreaming of my own room... *sigh* One day... :)

Anonymous said...

see...this is why i've gone digital. i could never be this organized!!!

- niki

diane said...

You are soooo organized... hope to be that way one day real soon, too! Your room looks awesome, as do your photos of it all!
Take care... happy scrapping!
Diane R.

rebecs said...

loove your 'space'. that baggie idea is soo cool. I know when it is out of sight, its out of mind. You are very oraganized! thanks for sharing.

Wendy Sue said...

I love the color of your room! You are so organized - I bet your space makes you so inspired to create!! Thanks for sharing the photos and organization tips!! :o)

Cutter said...

Dang, I wish we were as organized as you! When we finally get around to cleaning up, there's just something about a clean room with everything in place that helps the mind be a bit more free and creative when I'm deciding how my pages are going to look.

Tasha said...

Wow, that was great to see. Thank you for sharing! I got some great ideas for my craft space!!

jennihaywood said...

Are your baggies just regular baggies from the store...if not where do you get them. That is such a genius idea! That would work so well in my room! Please tell! LOL!

Trina said...

love how you used your closet space. Where did you get the cute baskets you have your letter stickers in?

meg said...

I picked up those baggies from the dollar store too. They are usually 50 bags for $1!! you can't beat that. I was using the baggies but putting them in a drawer, the hangers are a much better idea! thanks!