Sunday, February 24, 2008

Your Final Peak....

Thanks so much for joining us this month as we've shared our rooms with you! Tal and I have both worked hard to create our perfect spaces and we were really excited to share them! Thanks for all the comments :)

Now for your final peak into my space....

Today I'm going to share with you my closet! My favorite part of my closet is this organization unit from Ikea. What's great about it is you can customize it depending what you need. I've organized it so that I have drawer space, shelves and's so handy. The bottom drawer has my foam stamps organized into these fabric baskets (they come in a set of 6 from Ikea and you get 3 sizes...2 of each in a package and they're really inexpensive). The baskets are great for separating the fonts. I also used the same baskets to organize the top drawer which holds a lot of my tools and clear stamps. I love that my tools are put away and I don't have to look at the mess. I have a basket for my ink, my adhesive, glitter, acrylic blocks, and then a couple that hold misc. items. I really like the unity too of the baskets.

On the shelves I have more boxes and baskets to hold product. I have a box for chipboard, ghost shapes, Love Elsie, American Crafts embellishments, bling, etc. I like keeping items like that together. And then of course I have my paper storage here as well. I organize my pattern paper by company and find that this system works well for me. And I did a huge purge of my pattern paper so that it would all fit in my paper holders. I figure I really don't need more paper than what fits, right? There is no possible way I could ever use it all and I want to make sure I always have room for new stuff so I need to start only buying the paper I love and know I'll use...that means no more buying paper packs! I've decided that I never seem to use it all...I gotta keep control.

I have a basket of Heidi Swapp stuff that I love...I get this down quite often when I'm working! And I keep all my masks in another basket.... My rubber stamps are in 3 jars...this is my favorite! I saw this in someone else's room and love it so much (sorry I can't remember whose room I saw it in). I have them divided up into shapes and words. I don't do a lot of stamping, so it's okay for me to really doesn't bother me, but if you're someone who has a lot of stamps and uses them quite often than I probably wouldn't suggest this method. But it sure looks cute!

On the top shelf I have a basket of unfinished projects and then a hat box that has empty albums. It's nice to keep these things in my room, but in a spot where they're out of the way. And then the hooks on the side of my unit hold my bags.

I have wire baskets attached to both sides of my closet that hold rub-ons, alphabets and stickers/embellishments.

I have 2 wire is used for tools (punches, scissors, cutting mats, coluzzle, etc.) and the other holds chipboard shapes, chipboard letters, scrap paper and containers that hold little embellishments. I have a rule for myself that I can only make cards with scrap paper...this way I actually use it instead of cutting a whole new sheet for one little card.

In another part of my room I have this computer cabinet. It's not in there at the moment, so I have some computer magazines, an 8.5x11 paper holder and baskets that hold my blank cards in it. Underneath is where I keep my albums that I can still add to. When an album is filled I keep them upstairs in the livingroom. I have an armoire up there where I keep my albums so that Ryker can't get into them and I love getting them out and looking at them once in awhile!!

I hope you had fun checking out my space and seeing how I work. It feels so good to have my own place where I can create...and don't think for a minute that it always stays this clean...haha!

Have a great week!

Kim :)


Amy said...

I love it! So organized and inviting... where did you get those cute jars holding your stamps? I've been looking for just the right ones and I love those! Thanks for sharing!

diane said...

Kim , your space is a scrapbookers heaven for sure. You and Talia are both so extremely organized. When ever I go to organize my stuff ... I just get sidetracked!!! hehehe...
Diane R

Anonymous said...

you guys are hardcore!

Dana West said...

Wow, such a beautiful space, Kim! I love that computer cabinet. You lucky ladies both have incredible places to create.


Rubber Stamping said...

WOOOW Simply superab buddy, really u r gr8.Thanks for sharing.
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