Tuesday, May 20, 2008

just stopping by...

Hey, Girls!

We just wanted to pop in and remind you all that you have till this Sunday, May 25th to submit for this months mini-challenges! Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far...the gallery is looking awesome!

Also, we just wanted to share with you a few more of our favorite items...

I've had so many questions about what paper shelves I use in my scrapbook room, and here they are! These are awesome and they go quickly...so get 'em while you can! I use mine for organizing cardstock...love 'em!

The American Crafts D-Ring Modern Albums...we love these! They are durable, customizable, and simple...and they come in different colors and sizes, too. Check them out!

What would scrapbooking be without idea books for motivation and inspiration? These are some of our favorites, the ones that we always reach for when we need an idea!

We hope you are all having a wonderful spring and we'll be back on Monday to announce this month's winner. See you soon!!!

Tal and Kim

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Juli P said...

Thanks for the idea books that you've listed. I'm always open for inspiration. The Goodie Box has opened me up to a whole new world of scrapbooking ideas and products! You ladies are great . . . thanks!
I check out your website often for ideas on how to use new products and get ideas for layouts, it's great. . . I never get around to submitting any of my work though :(
Oh well, my kids oooooo and ahhhh over their albums on the shelf, that's enough for me.
But, I thought I would add two books that I bought that are also fabulous for ideas for layouts, I've found then invaluable (but will add a couple of your suggestions to my collection)

These books are great for the creatively challenged . . .
(I didn't know how to find the books without going through the consultant website??)