Monday, November 17, 2008

*magic* interactive mini album

Hey Everyone!

We just thought we'd share a project that we taught at a local store, The Urban Scrapbook, this weekend. The idea with this album was there are no rules...any page size, any paper type...we loved all the layers and fun pieces in this album. We also encouraged students to not stress about the photos...any pictures of any theme will do. Just go for it and have fun! What you see here is the basis to make the album your own...have fun adding to it with stamping, embellishments and journaling!

Thanks so much to all those who attended and thanks to Urban for having us!

Kim and Talia:)


s a n s k u :) said...

Love it, love it, love it!!

Bobbi-Jo said...

Oops I left a comment on the previous post, meaning to comment on this one. Anyway - check that one. LOL!

Jen said...

Wow that is amazing...I dont soppose that comes in a kit I can purchase?

FormerlyLisaS said...

That is one great little album! I have been in a mini-album-making-mood as of late and I am so going to have to try my hand at this one!! Thanks for sharing!

April D said...

Very nice! Inspiring!

I love browsing sites for inspiration to get my mojo going.

I would love your votes for a contest I have entered at Mine is entry #412, a layout titled too cute. This site is amazing, you should check it out. I am trying to win the coolest scrapbook desk. If you do vote for me and decide to enter yourself let me know and I will repay the favor and vote for yours. Get bonus points for daily posting so I hope you don't mind daily posts(if you do let me know)... You can also vote once per day! Thanks for the help and happy scrappin'

Jennifer Jensen said...

I love this! Any idea where I can locate those cute bingo cards??