Friday, April 27, 2007

last day!!!

Today is the last day to submit a layout for the "Me, Myself and I" challenge! Email us your layout to or give us the link in the "comments" section below. The pages submitted so far are amazing, you all have inspired us. It is so awesome to see people participating and having fun with us.

So stay tuned till Monday when we announce the WINNER!!!


noell said...

I just posted mine! Here is the link:

noell said...

Ooops, I'm not sure why I didn't link to the actual post in my comment above. Let me try again:

Am I That Mom?

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how many pages we can submit for a challenge? I submitted one and wanted to make another but wasn't sure if more than one would be accepte.

Just so I know for next time.


Ashley said...

I also wasn't sure if we could submit more than one, so here is another layout (if we can't, just take this one off). Thanks girls! (The journaling is about something I overcame in my life.)

If you can't see it there, here is another place:

jjjourneyahead said...

hi talia and is my layout...simple! thanks for the inspiration. jamie

jessica said...

here it is! thanks girls.


Melissa said...

I've done several me layouts and I just make a slide show of them along the bottom of my blog. I intended to send the link to my 9 layout there and let the deadline pass me by.


twistedsoda said...

what an incredible site ladies. It was nice seeing you at the SU convention. You'll be seeing me on here forever now!!! (hearts) michelle