Monday, July 16, 2007

Something Yummy!

I know it's not really Monday morning...well technically it is, but I haven't been to sleep yet because I have a baby that is not enjoying the heat! At this moment he's not too sure what he thinks of this summer weather, but I have fans going and windows open so we should start to feel things cool down a bit. Where we live in Canada, our winters are so long that we really don't need air conditioning very most houses here don't have it. It's on days like this though that I always wonder why we live in one of the houses that doesn't have it?!? It's hot!

So to change things up a bit this week I thought I would share one of my favorite summer recipes...

These are my favorite to take to the park, or lake or whatever we might be doing...they're so quick and easy to family loves them and they're always a hit! So try them out and tell me what you think! I started a cookbook of favorite recipes that I have been given by friends and family. I bought a plastic photo album from walmart, made 4x6 recipe cards from my scrap paper, added a few little embellishments and now my recipes look cute and are protected as I'm cooking! It also makes a great Bridal Shower gift!

Just a reminder that the deadline for submissions for the "Celebrate Summer" challenge is Sunday, July 29th and we will announce the winner Monday, July 30th. You can email your submissions to, so get scrapping those summer memories! You won't want to miss out on this months prize! It's definitely worth it!

Thanks again to everyone for playing along with us each month! We are having so much fun here at The Goodie Box and have been so inspired by all of you. Everyone has been so creative!

Hope your summer is full of great memories!
Kim and Talia


Talia said...

yummy, yummy, kim! and what a good way to hold your recipes...i gotta do that! thanks for sharing, puffed wheat squares are my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

mmmm- i was craving those the other day. thanks for reminding me!!

- niki

sohpiasmom said...

oh yeah...these look great! Thanks for the recipe!! :)

cherylsue said...

Mmmmm....TFS the recipe!

Anonymous said...

So funny that you posted that recipe. I went to a friends last week and she had made puffed wheat squares. I have been craving them since. I have a recipe, but it's no good!

Thanks so much!